About Us

I grew up in Charlottesville and have always felt deeply rooted in the community here. I attended the Virginia School of Massage and completed my studies there in 2002. I went on to graduate from the University of Virginia with a degree in Studies in Women and Gender. Since my late teens, I have been involved in anti-violence work; I helped to found the Virginia Anti-Violence Project - an organization that addresses sexual violence, intimate partner violence and hate violence in the LGBTQ community. I also served on the state board of the Virginia Sexual and Domestic Violence Action Alliance for 6 years.

After having 2 (of my 3) children, I redoubled my commitment to helping people in a more direct, hands-on way. My own experience of birth helped change my relationship with my body and I knew after giving birth to my first child that I wanted to help other birthing parents feel supported and resourced around the pre- and perinatal time. I have been studying Pre/Perinatal Dynamics with Kate White since 2017 and have assisted in workshops she has held for participants coming from places all over the world - Australia, Lebanon, Serbia, and California to name a few.

I take a holistic and trauma-informed approach to all my sessions, both in person and on Zoom. Each session is an opportunity to address the sources of tension held in your body or dysregulation in your nervous system. Clients leave feeling deeply relaxed, and often, at peace.

A session might involve any or all of the following:

     -Bodywork that addresses muscle tension or stress

     -Bodywork for Stabilization and Resiliency

     -Somatic Trauma Resolution

     -Prevention and Treatment of Birth Trauma